Online distribution
for physical products

We work closely with brands, distributors and wholesalers. Partners in growth.

The fastest growing distribution channels

Online sales allow brands to reach customers beyond their physical location, expanding their potential market and customer base.

We leverage data on customer behavior and preferences, allowing us to tailor product offerings.

Diversification of sales channels: online sales complement traditional brick-and-mortar retail channels.

Why Work With Febrier?

Leveraging Technology

Using TECHNOLOGY and logistics efficiency are key to success in ecommerce: from streamlining order fulfillment to automating inventory management.

Risk Mitigation

Wholesalers can mitigate their risk by choosing Febrier as their retail partners. We buy the items outright, no returns, no non sense.

Mutual Growth

Data use and close partnerships drive growth by providing valuable insights, enabling targeted inventory investments, and fostering mutually beneficial collaborations.


Effective communication can help brands grow by fostering strong relationships, aligning sales goals, and identifying new opportunities for collaboration.


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